Ways To Support Women

Manage Yourself. Manage your own biases. Listen to your inner dialogue and push back on yourself when you hear prejudice. Pay attention to what you’re saying (and doing) and ensure you’re reinforcing equity and fairness toward women in all things. Tune In. Seek to expand […]

Practical Steps You Can Take To Support Black People

AcknowledgeAcknowledge your privilege. Particularly if you’re white – White Privilege is a real thing. Acknowledge that racism still exists, because to deny it exists is also part of the problem. ListenListen to your Black friends and listen to Black people in general. Ask questions (if […]

My Afro Hair Journey

When I went natural last year we had just entered into a lockdown that I’m sure many of us thought would have ended after a couple of months. Going natural was something I had both wanted and not wanted to do for many years. I […]

21 Books By Women Of Colour You Can Read In 2021

With all that has happened recently (and for many years), it’s important that we keep doing all we can to support women. As International Women’s Month comes to a close, we need to continue to find ways to do this beyond the month of March. […]

Respect The People, Not Just The Culture

With recent events such as the death of George Floyd and the uproar from the Black Lives Matter movement, an outpour of support for black people has flooded in. The conversation reached mainstream media in ways I haven’t seen before. While this support isn’t as […]