If You Have A Voice, Speak.

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As women, we have been silenced since long before I can remember. Female authors were encouraged to publish their work anonymously. Female artists have a harder time getting their work displayed in shows/ exhibitions. Especially black female artists. But I’ll save my thoughts on that for another time. If you have a voice, speak. Don’t you know that your voice alone can raise up many? Don’t you know that it forces existence itself to acknowledge you? Be the mouthpiece for the silenced ones. Speak, and you’ll encourage those who are too frightened to use their voices. 

Don’t hesitate to speak out, for it is when you are brave that you will learn and advance in life. Imagine what a difference you can make if you’d just ask those big bold questions. If you were not afraid to stand your ground.

As you speak, be the voice you believe we need in this world, and become the person you aspire to be. Speak up, say what you think, and dare to challenge the consensus. Use your voice, take that risk, and have the courage to believe in what you say. Even when people tell you otherwise, stick to your vision. In spite of whatever may come against, persist.


-by me

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MARK 11:24

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