Why I Left Blogger for WordPress

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Google owns your ‘Blogger’ account

With Google’s terms and conditions, they technically own your account which means they could easily make changes or even delete it if they really wanted (which I am sure they wouldn’t but… the option is there). In essence, you have less control over your blog if you’re using Blogger.


WordPress has more themes

Anyone who has/ has had a Blogger account knows the lack of themes available. Even the ones available are very basic and I think that because of its system it cannot handle themes that you have chosen to download from third-party websites. Many of mine have stopped working after a couple of months. I found myself frequently working on the HTML’s to ensure a smooth running site, and this was very time-consuming. Although I’ve learned a lot about code now, it’s a process that could easily have been avoided. With WordPress, you don’t need to be wasting their time adjusting the HTML. Not to hate on Blogger, it’s a very good site that has kept me going for the past 5 years, but I needed an upgrade. To me, the appearance of my blog is a top priority, and the range of templates Blogger has is far fewer than that of WordPress.


WordPress is more flexible

Although Blogger is a stable site, its resources just don’t compare to that of WordPress. This, however, makes Blogger an excellent site for beginners who are trying to get used to running a site. WordPress allows users to create their site from scratch, and because WordPress is noticeably more popular than Blogger, this leads to designers choosing to work for them rather than Blogger leading to more designs being available to WordPress users.


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