Summer Blog Post Ideas


H A  P P Y  S U M M E R

Although I’m more of an autumn girl, I’m excited that summer is finally here. It feels like this is the hottest summer yet in the UK.

Here are a few blog post ideas for the summer (we all need them!). I’ve already started on so many blog posts but I need the motivation to finish them, so I feel like this blog post will not only help a few of you guys but also me.

Let’s get into it:

O N E 

Holiday Essentials

Everyone knows the reality of packing for your holiday, it’s stressful, very stressful! So a blog post on a few essential items will do the trick. Nothing is worse than forgetting your favourite pair of shorts or sunglasses, trust me.


A Photo Diary

Too lazy to write? Sharing a few (or a lot) of photos works just as well. Don’t kill me for saying this, but a picture really is worth a thousand words. Plus, it’s just interesting to visually see what you’ve been getting up to.


 Travel hacks

This is a blog post that I definitely need to find! There are just so many useful tips out there that could help make your holiday experience all the easier to manage.

F O U R 

 A Day In The Life

Now I’ve seen many YouTubers create videos where they show us what they do in a day and they literally vlog everything they do. I think this would be really cool for a blog post as well, especially for those who don’t particularly enjoy watching videos.


 Summer Playlist

I’m constantly creating playlists for nearly every mood I have, aha. A blog post sharing your summer playlist would be really cool because it makes the job of creating a playlist a lot more easier for other people. For example, if it were Spotify, you could just follow the person’s playlist. You could also find so many amazing new songs that would otherwise never have crossed your path. At the same time as helping others, you will also be helping yourself because you would have finally created every possible playlist you would need and therefore your summer would be sorted!

*drops mic*

S I X 

 My Food Diary

Slightly similar to “a photo diary” but instead you would be sharing the food that you eat and maybe even a few process shots along with the method and ingredients.


Summer Skincare Products

With the warmer weather comes dry skin and various break outs that you really do not want to be rocking for your summer holiday. A blog post on skincare products for the summer will really help someone out and they will be eternally greatly haha.


Summer Outfits

A very obvious one which is why fewer people are doing blog posts on it *sigh*. Show off your style and potentially inspire someone else.

N I N E 

 Summer Must-Reads

Generally, people tend to read more on holiday, it must be because you’re relaxed and, in some cases, may not even have wi-fi. This means that you can totally remove yourself from the craziness of this world and unwind for a bit.


A colour Themed Blog Post

With summer comes more colour! From the colourful flowers to the blue skies, everything is just so full of life in summer. Wearing colour can also really help to elevate your mood. Tip: wearing colour makes you look more awake and energised, take a photo with the sun facing you and this will make the ultimate summer photo! Trust me. And it’s not just limited to clothes, you could share your favourite homeware or even songs that make you feel like a certain colour or emotion.

I’ve already written two blog posts on colour this year. Check them out : Red & Primary Colours


Summer 2018 bucket list

We all have them. Simply share yours and maybe post an updated list at the end of summer to see how you got on.

T W E L V E 

Summer homeware

Everyone loves a bit of homeware! Homeware always changes slightly with a new season. With summer comes brighter and lighter colours for my bedding and various other things. I personally love seeing how other people would wish to decorate their homes. It makes me so excited for when I’ll finally get my own place.

JOHN 13:7

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