The Transitional Period- what to wear

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It’s officially that awkward period where it’s still summer but it’s definitely a lot colder now. To be honest, as soon as the heatwave in England concluded, summer was over in my eyes. Sadly I was one of those people who complained about the heat when we had it, but I definitely regret doing that now.

Let the layering begin!

 D U N G A R E E S  &  J U M P S U I T S

Dungarees are great to wear over hoodies and jumpers in colder weather, or over t-shirts when the weather is warmer. Jumpsuits are super for those days when the sun is shining extra bright and there’s a gentle breeze. Both are really good transitional pieces.

Long denim dungarees

Slide View: 4: Urban Renewal Vintage Remnants Crosshatch Jumpsuit

Slide View: 4: Urban Renewal Vintage Customised Military Green Short Boilersuit

Slide View: 3: UO Mini Dot Button-Through Tea Jumpsuit

J A C K E T S  &  S H I R T S

Thin jackets are great to layer on top of your outfit to keep you warm enough to tackle those fairly average temperature days. Shirts can also be worn over t-shirts and act as jackets if they’re slightly thicker in fabric.

Slide View: 5: BDG Green Contrast Stitch Western Trucker Jacket


Slide View: 2: iets frans... Longline Fleece Button-Through Shirt

F U N N E L  N E C K  T O P S

Such a huge trend this season! Perfect for slightly colder days when you want your neck to be protected from the cold weather. Question for debate though, are funnel necks and turtle necks the same thing?

Slide View: 2: FILA Bardoneccia Half-Zip Mock Neck Top

Slide View: 2:  Lazy Oaf Stripey Eyes Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Slide View: 2: SWEET SKTBS Squeeze High-Neck T-Shirt

W I D E  L E G  T R O U S E R S

Long enough to keep your legs warm, and wide enough to allow air to flow up your legs to keep them cool. They also make your legs appear longer- what a bonus! Truly a trend that is here for a good time, AND a long time!

Slide View: 2: Santa Cruz Nolan Plum Workwear Trousers

Slide View: 3: BDG Black Contrast Stitch Skate Trousers


An all-year-round favourite you can adapt to any temperature. Short dresses teamed with tights, longer dresses, and dresses over t-shirts and jumpers are absolutely perfect for this season.

Button-up midi dress

A N K L E  B O O T S

Perfect for keeping your feet warm, and of course protecting your ankles on a slightly colder day.

ROMANS 12:12

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