The Last Moments of 2018 : here’s what to wear for New Years Eve

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The laugh out loud moments, the smile until your mouth hurts moments, the cry until your head hurts moments, the dance until you almost pass out moments, the sing until you lose your voice moments, the run because you’re excited moments, the butterflies in your stomach moments.

This year was full of moments. Moments that are now left to memory. Tucked into your brain until a moment comes for them to escape again. Here’s to another year full of wonderful moments.

This blog post is here to help out with another moment. The moment the clock strikes and you enter into 2019. The outfit you’ll be wearing in that moment.

For a ‘party like it’s 1999’ moment 

What to wear on top

For a ‘casual night out’ moment

What to wear on top

For a ‘cosy evening in’ moment 

1 JOHN 5:14


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