COVID-19: Practice Faith Over Fear

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In the midst of all the change you’re learning that though the winds may try their best to shake you, you cannot be moved. Like a tree, you’ve been planted deep in the ground. As the winds rage and the rain falls you’re discovering that in this very season your roots are going down further, creating a strong foundation. A foundation that no storm can move. And, in time, you’ll start to bloom too. It may not be now, but know that in this season you’re growing. Even if you can’t see it. It’s happening beneath the surface. Trust the process.

The pandemic may have left you feeling uncertain about what’s happening around you and where you fit into the mix. It’s in this season that everyone needs to stand together (while also social distancing) and stay connected. If you’re staying home because you’re social distancing, self-isolating, or quarantined, things will get better. YOU’RE helping to make things get better. But remember that leaving the house once in a while is important too. Even just a few minutes outside can help boost your mood. Nothing beats breathing in the fresh air and feeling the breeze/sun on your skin.

Things aren’t “normal” and you shouldn’t force yourself to have to “act normal.”

There’s a lot of pressure online right now to build a website, come up with a business plan, or learn a new language (to name a few). The general idea is that if you leave this season without news skills, you’ve wasted your time. Suddenly, people are only focusing on the fact that there’s more time and associating it with “I must fill this time.” Just because there’s time, it doesn’t mean it needs to be filled. You’re not a machine. You don’t have to do all these things (although definitely go ahead if you’d like to.) Do what feels right for you. Remember that this is a season and, just like any other season, it will end and a new one will begin. No season is perfect, but you have the freedom to choose how you’ll spend it and what you’ll focus on.

It’s ok not to feel motivated right now. Be kinder to yourself.



Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel. But also question yourself. Why am I feeling this way? Can I do anything about it? Tap into those emotions. If you don’t, you’ll never fully understand why you’re going through something. This seemingly small act has the power to change your whole outlook on life for the better. Even now in the midst of Covid-19. Sometimes it really takes a storm.

So, check in with yourself from time-to-time, and when you can, check up on your friends and family too, and don’t forget your “strong friend” while you’re at it. You never know what someone’s really going through until you ask. As humans all around the world we can use this situation to motivate us to look out for each other more. I truly believe we’ll all come out of this pandemic much stronger than we were before we entered into it.

Use this season as a time to reflect.

This is a great time for you to be still, reflect, and grow. You don’t necessarily have to do much in order for you to grow. Slow down and start everyday simple. Instead of worrying about tomorrow, think about today. Set an intention for the day and take the necessary steps. Be present. Take it one day at a time. It takes everyday practice for it to become a lifelong discipline, so it’s ok if it doesn’t happen right away.

To everyone who is upset that things they wanted to do in this time have been canceled or postponed, know that when it’s time to be free and explore the world, choose to enjoy life even more, because you know the value of adventures and memories. Value your friends and family too, making even more effort to do things with them once it’s safe to do so.


As a Christian, I believe you’re not in this alone. You have a God who is on your side and still in control of the situation. He loves you unconditionally and has paved the road you walk on. Be hopeful. As long as you’re alive you have a purpose and a future. God is resetting and transforming your life.

So, what will I be doing in this season? I’m going to start taking things easy. I choose to be joyful right here at this very moment in time despite what I’m experiencing. I choose to let this be a season of believing beyond what I can see. I choose to carry on despite the uncertainty, with a new perspective.

I hope this post serves as a reminder to use this time to re-discover yourself and to find peace and joy in the simple things in life. There is strength in being still.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this post whether I asked you for advice directly, or it was given to me without being asked. You know who you are 🙂

JOHN 14:27

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