Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support #BuyBlack


This year saw a much needed light on Black people, and it’s time we do everything we can to continue to show support. One way of doing this is through buying from Black-owned businesses. This is a sustainable way to keep Black businesses going.

In the lead up to Christmas, be intentional when it comes to supporting Black-owned businesses. Buy Black and buy small. But not as a once-a-year thing, set down roots so that you have Black-owned businesses you can even purchase from for your essentials. Let this set the foundation of where you shop because, in doing so, you’re helping to close the great gap between Black businesses and White businesses. It’s important now more than ever to continue to support small businesses who are working hard to share their hard work and vision. Let’s keep up the momentum.

I’ve put together a few categories full of Black-owned businesses you can buy from and support. Happy shopping!

Home & Lifestyle

Klndra (UK based)


Founded by Kalandra McFarquhar. She uses jesmonite, an acrylic modified gypsum based resin, to create her collections of homeware and interiors.  She carefully creates all her products by hand, and no two pieces are the same making each piece unique.

Bespoke Binny (UK based)



Natalie Manima makes a range of handmade homeware and gift items ranging from pillows and lampshades, to oven gloves and table runners, all using vibrant West African cloth. She also runs virtual lampshade making classes!


Jungalow (US based)




Jungalow started off as blog by Justina Blakeney in 2009 and has since blossomed into a lifestyle brand. The collections feature brightly coloured pieces from around the world. Justina strives to incorporate natural, recycled, recyclable, and compostable materials as well as organic fabrics into the whole process.

La Basketry (UK based)




 La Basketry launched in 2017 as an online boutique offering baskets and unique woven products for the home, and it celebrates and shares Senegalese craftsmanship with the world. All baskets are handwoven by a group of female artisans in Senegal. 

mind the cork (UK based)



mind the cork uses an underrated material, cork, to create minimal and eco friendly homeware. Cork doesn’t require trees to be cut down and is also biodegradable, renewable and recyclable.

Grain & Knot (UK based)



Founded by Sophie Sellu, Grain and Knot was born from a love of nature. Each item is hand-crafted from reclaimed timber. Her kitchenware pieces proclaim the natural beauty of nature while also being fully functional.


The Afro Hair & Skin Co. (UK based)



Founded by Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka, a wellness beauty expert and creative entrepreneur, The Afro Hair & Skin Co. features a range of natural hair & skincare products handmade in fresh batches weekly. They only use organic, natural and locally sourced British ingredients.

TANAKA (UK based)



TANAKA is a handmade soap brand founded by Leonara Manyangadze. Her bars are made with a blend of butters and oils, and the formulations are rooted in nature using only 100% natural, cruelty-free ingredients. She uses highly pigmented natural ingredients to create beautiful hues. 

Narloa (UK based)



All of Narloa’s products are handcrafted in london using minimal ingredients and making everything fresh to order in small batches. Their ingredients are rooted in nature and contain no artificial fragrances or toxic chemicals. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.




TARISHEA is a family-run natural skincare brand using ethically-sourced, plant-based ingredients. They use shea butter as the base of all their products and are also committed to sustainability in every aspect of the brand. Their products are handmade and also honour the tradition of African herbal remedies in the process. I’ve recently tried out some of their body butters and they’ve been the perfect products for my skin!

Hyper Skin (US based)



Desiree Verdejo, creator and founder of Hyper Skin, started the brand after she couldn’t find a suitable skincare line to treat her acne and stubborn hyperpigmentation. In creating Hyper Skin, she not only wants to provide others out there a results-oriented skincare brand which treats dark spots and discolouration on all skin tones, but also addresses the lack of diversity from skincare brands.

Mary Louise Cosmetics (US based)


Inspired by her grandmothers Mary and Louise, and how they always used natural and homemade recipes/remedies, Akilah Mary-Louise Releford founded Mary Louise Cosmetics. The products are clean and nourishing using natural and organic ingredients.


Oma The Label (US based)



Neumi Anekhe created Oma The Label because she saw a need for more brands to represent people of colour. She wanted to diversify the markets and challenge homogenous industry standards while also creating statement, every day jewellery pieces that will help women feel empowered.

afton / by palm (UK based)



Founded by Bonnisa Mooire, afton / by palm features minimal, statement pieces that are consciously hand made. From decor plates and earrings to mindful cards, every piece is made with the environment in mind. This is reflected not only through the small batches Bonnisa makes to minimise waste, but also the earthy tones of each piece.

Vai Vintage (US based)



Founded by Zainab, Vai Vintage offers a collection of statement pieces ranging from necklaces and earrings to anklets.

Kionii (UK based)




Kionii came out of a want for jewellery pieces to be made for the diaspora that represented its founders. Their aim was to represent the culture, and so they begun with a ‘Black Girl Magic’ piece. Soon after, they expanded to country pendants to cater to a wider people of colour audience. I recently bought one of their Africa pendants and I absolutely love it!

BR Design Co (US based)




Based in Charleston, South Carolina, BR Design Co is a jewellery brand offering all their handmade pieces in a lightweight polymer clay. The pieces are brought to life with their signature gold to accentuate the myriad of designs available.

Books / Magazines / Online Reading

gal-dem (UK based)




gal-dem strives to showcase and empower the creative work of underrepresented communities through disrupting stereotypes and addressing inequality across essays, opinion, news, arts, music, politics and lifestyle content. You can become a gal-dem member to support the voices of people of colour by helping them to continue their work. They also have a print magazine which you can purchase.

Jacaranda Books (UK based)




Jacaranda Books is an independent publisher committed to publishing ground-breaking writing with a dedication to create space on the bookshelf for diverse ideas and writers.  Their books centre around the voices and experiences of Black people, people of colour, women and other underrepresented voices. 

Round Table Books (UK based)




The bookshop was originally a pop-up to celebrate KNIGHTS OF (an independent publishing house specialising in publishing inclusive children’s books) turning one. After the pop-up, there was a call for a permanent store and, after crowdfunding, they were able to make this a reality. The bookshop is now an inclusion-led bookshop celebrating underrepresented children’s books, writers and illustrators. 

Black Book Box (UK based)




Founded by Satta whilst working full time as a teacher, Black Book Box came out of a desire to see more Black authors highlighted in mainstream media. She strives to share Black stories, promote Black authors, and also encourage people to read. Each month a new box is available which features a great book along with some goodies.

Cafe Con Libros (US based)




Cafe con Libros (coffee with books) is an intersectional Feminist community bookstore and coffee shop. They endeavour to create a vibrant space where community dialogue will build lasting relationships. They also host book clubs to create a space where community dialogue will continue the growth process and build lasting relationships.

Yellow Zine (UK based)




Yellow Zine works with and amplifies artists across the UK, centralising the work of ethnic minority creatives. It is a print and online platform with a desire for the progression of art by POC. You can purchase their print magazine from their website.

Click here for more black-owned bookshops. 



Yemides’ Kitchen (UK based)




Bringing Afro-Caribbean infused cuisine to your plate, Yemides’ Kitchen offers event catering, takeaway, recipes, tutorials, and workshops. Check out their YouTube channel for delicious recipes.


Hannah Pratt Clothing (UK based)




Hannah started the brand in 2017 after growing frustrated because she couldn’t find brands that she felt represented her. Her brand features bold clothing to empower and uplift people. She’s currently raising money in order for her to continue doing what she does and she’s thought of a great way to do this. When you donate, you can receive rewards in the form of clothing, posters and tote bags in return.

Oh Happy Dani (US based)




Danielle is all about spreading positivity while also keeping people informed. She’s a designer, turned illustrator fuelled by her heart for justice, and her art has been a great resource for topics such as justice, faith and optimism. She recently announced her limited collection of  t-shirts and jumpers which you can purchase from her website.

Erwin Hines, Experience Crafted (US based)





Erwin Hines is the creative director of Experience Crafted, a monthly pop-up experience. His t-shirts are made to empower Black people/support the culture and build community while also commenting on important topics. The t-shirts are printed to order and 100% of the proceeds are donated to organisations supporting policy change.



Prick (UK based)




Founded by Gynelle Leon, Prick is London’s first shop dedicated to cacti. Prick offers a vast selection of unusual and exotic plants which Gynelle has sourced from across the UK and Europe.  Many of these cacti and succulents are low maintenance, therefore perfect even for those who don’t have green thumbs. Plant books and pots are also available for purchase. 

Leaf Me Co. (US based)




Leaf Me Co. offers an indoor plant collection for a variety of light levels. On-site consultations, plant styling, rent plants and repotting services are also available. 

Sarora Knots (UK based)




Sara, founder of Sarora Knots created the brand out of a love for textiles. She plays with colours and textures to create handmade and eco-friendly functional designs for plants. It is an independent online store encouraging customers to shop sustainably. 

Botany (US based)




Botany offers a range of cool plants and provides you the choice of either purchasing a new plant in its original plastic grow pot, or substituting it for a biodegradable grow pot. All remaining plastic pots are dropped off to be reused/repurposed. With each order made, Botany donates one tree to be planted through their chosen organisation ‘One Tree Planted’.

House of Kato (UK based)




Founded in January 2020, House of Kato is a sustainable and eco-friendly online indoor plant shop. Their mission is to bring the joys of plants and nature to the urban home across the UK. They plant a tree for every Kato Vase purchased, and also donate 2.5% – 5% of all profits to a charitable organisation every month.


The Curl Bar London (UK based)




Founded by YouTuber Nia at the age of 21, The Curl Bar London is a hair salon that focuses on offering a safe space for women with natural hair. Nia envisions The Curl Bar London to be a community where new and old customers can feel at home.

Miss Jessie’s (US based)




Founded by sisters Miko and Titi Branch, Miss Jessie’s products came from a conclusion that there were simply no products on the market that catered to their clientele’s hair type. Inspired by their grandmother’s can-do attitude, they decided to perfect their own curly hair product creations. Miss Jessie’s natural hair products consist of styling cremes, moisturisers, and deep conditioning treatments for natural and naturally curly hair.

Afrocenchix (UK based)




Founders Joycelyn and Rachael started Afrocenchix to create products that would work well for afro hair without the use of bad chemicals. They work with UK scientists and chemists to formulate their products, and have made sure that all their products are free from common allergens including SLS and other artificial fragrances. They also use environmentally friendly preservatives. Their products are kind to people and the environment.

TreasureTress (UK based)




Founded by beauty entrepreneur Jamelia Donaldson, TreasureTress is a monthly natural hair product discovery box offering products for natural curls. Their brand lives to build community and empower people, especially black women, to embrace their natural hair. Each month features a new selection of haircare products to try out.

Melanin Haircare (US based)

IMG_3464 2



The Melanin Haircare brand offers simple haircare products that are rooted in a passion for healthy scalp and hair care. They use natural ingredients along with safe-synthetic ingredients to create their formulations.


Love Is My Protest (UK based)



Isn’t the name of this brand just so great?! Love Is My Protest offers journals and planners all with the focus on reflection and self-care. The journals are minimal and easy to use to encourage daily journaling.

Greer (US based)



Greer is an online Chicago and New York stationery brand with a passion for bringing a collection of stationary to people that will make them feel more positive. They offer a carefully curated collection of international stationery and office supplies. These range from American-crafted letterpress greeting cards to Belgian stationary and Japanese notebooks.

House Of Zabadi (UK based)

Etsy Shop: HouseOfZabadi


Founded by Chanai Zabadi and based in Wales, House of Zabadi celebrates West African culture through bold and vibrant prints made from 100% cotton and sourced from female small business owners in Nigeria.

Statement Goods (US based)



Statement Goods was founded in 2017 by best friends Toni and Alysia. With over 50 prints available, their stationary line mixes minimal, modern, and humour to create greeting cards with a twist.

DorcasCreates (UK based)

Etsy Shop: DorcasCreates


Based in London, DorcasCreates is run by Dorcas Magbadelo, an illustrator and designer/maker. Many of her pieces are full of lively colours and patterns which will brighten up any space. Her work exists to empower and celebrate black women.

Page Eleven Paper Goods (US based)



Page Eleven Paper Goods was founded by Elisha McGhee to inspire people to keep moving forward. The brand strives to encourage personal growth and development through their pieces.

Self Care & Wellbeing

Box Of Calm (UK based)



Box of Calm is a monthly self care subscription box which features thoughtfully curated gift boxes full of products from small independent brands. They’re all about encouraging you to put your mental health first, with each monthly box being designed around a specific theme to help you feel calm. Along with the ‘Calm’ box, they also offer curated gift boxes – ‘Relax and Pamper’, ‘Self Care and Wellbeing’, and ‘Calm Through Your Letterbox’.

A Little Bit of Everything

Our Lovely Goods (UK based)



A family run business with products for you and your home. Their collection includes hand crafted natural wax candles, botanical skincare and homeware. Our Lovely Goods work with artisans in Nigeria to create pieces that promote well being. They also run workshops and events to help others explore creativity.

Ola Ola (UK based)



Founded by Ola Olayinka, OlaOla products are beautifully created to liven up everyday life through the bold patterns inspired by nature and Ola’s Nigerian heritage. The patterns are all originally made by Ola which she prints in small batches. Off-cuts are up-cycled to produce other products to ensure less fabric waste. OlaOla also offers textile workshops.

Bonita Ivie Prints (UK based)



Bonita Ivie Prints exists to create products that people of colour can identify with. Founded by Bonita Ebuehi, the Afro-inspired designs come in the form of gifts, stationary and homeware.

Tihara Smith (UK based)



Tihara Smith is a fashion, accessories and lifestyle brand inspired by Tihara Smith’s heritage. The pieces take inspiration from the Caribbean along with a London twist. The brightly coloured tropical pieces are handcrafted using contemporary and traditional craft techniques.

Independent Black Businesses (UK based)



Independent Black Businesses is a platform that celebrates and supports black-owned businesses across the UK. Their website features businesses that specialise in a vast range of products ranging from stationary, to lifestyle, to food and wellness. You’ll be sure to find something for you.

Jamii (UK based)



Jamii is a discount card and discovery platform helping you to find and shop at black-owned businesses in the UK. The way it works is you pay £14.95 for a Jamii card which enables you to save on every purchase you make from the black-owned businesses you buy from. The businesses they support range from skincare, swimwear, clothing, and sustainable brands. A great way to encourage you to purchase from black-owned businesses while also saving you some money along the way!

Yard + Parish (UK based)



Inspired by a love for their Caribbean heritage, Alesha and Samantha founded Yard + Parish to share creations of Africa and the global diaspora with the world. They have collaborated with independent brands and curated an online shopping experience focusing on offering high-quality and eco-conscious items.

This list will be updated with more businesses as time goes on so be sure to come back to this post if you’re looking for new businesses to support. If I missed out any black-owned businesses you know and love let me know in the comments!