In Conversation With Louise Hall – Multidisciplinary Artist

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Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do

Hi I’m Louise Hall. I’m a practising multidisciplinary artist working in London. I graduated from Arts University Bournemouth’s Fine Art course in 2020. I’m an artist who discusses different aspects of the Black British experience through performance, sculpture and printmaking. When I’m not making, I attend and facilitate artist workshops and lectures. I’m also a blog writer for ‘start conv’ and a committee member for the ‘Black Women’s Artist Network’.

How have you been lately?

Recently life has been hectic, as alongside my art practice I am training full-time to become a primary school teacher. 

13 Dead Nothing Said

What do you aim to say through your art?

I aim to comment on society, social injustice and history from the perspective of a Black Mixed-race woman who’s grown up in Britain. I discuss generational trauma and personal trauma due to institutional racism, history, the British Empire and colonialism. I aim to give space to different narratives, to tackle social injustices within the work, and highlight and platform stories and voices which have been muted by history. I aim to take up space in the art world and create spaces for a variety of voices to be championed.

You’ve run a number of amazing events – what would you say is the importance of these events?

These events are about bringing together and championing the voices of Black creatives, to celebrate identity and creativity. I run a variety of events, from celebratory, educational and artist-led workshops to unpick different themes, often with a common link to identity and history. 

What has your experience been like being a Black woman in the creative industry?

It fluctuates, but I believe there’s a positive change to come. I feel I have had mixed experiences within the creative industry but I have been fortunate to find safe spaces and networks to support me. I’ve been able to find opportunities, and events and to develop my own practice. My key bit of advice is to create or find a safe space within the industry, to give yourself time for healing and rest! 

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to begin their art career?

Apply for opportunities, and put yourself out there! Be brave! Talk, and say hello to new faces. Put yourself forward to help someone move into their studio etc. Be kind to yourself and others, you’re only human and no one artist can continuously make artwork without a break. Allow yourself time to rest, just because you’re not making a new work doesn’t make you any less of a creative! 

Incomplete Histories

What is the biggest challenge of being an artist / What do you suggest can be done to support Black female artists?

Being a young artist, I would say the biggest challenges are space, time, money and finding somewhere where you have both the physical and mental space to create. The time to explore, play, research, change ideas, and the money to make the outcome happen but also enjoy other aspects of your life. 

Another big challenge is networking and meeting people. It’s necessary to support each other if you see an opportunity that would be great for a friend or creative you know, text them to tell them about it! There are so many challenges, like feeling included and having autonomy over the narrative our work is shown within. A big thing to support Black female artists is to provide opportunities, and networking events, and to give them space to make incredible work! 

How do you stay connected and up to date with the art world?

Mainly through social media, events, and networking to stay connected. I enjoy panel talks and artist discussions around different themes and their work. 

On Special Measures

Is there a particular phrase or statement you live by?

“Your silence will not protect you” – Audre Lorde 

Do you have any new projects coming up?

I’m currently working on an art lecture series with the ‘Black Women’s Artist Network’ so watch this space…

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