Practical Steps You Can Take To Support Black People


Acknowledge your privilege. Particularly if you’re white – White Privilege is a real thing. Acknowledge that racism still exists, because to deny it exists is also part of the problem.

Listen to your Black friends and listen to Black people in general. Ask questions (if they’ve given you permission to do so), and hear them speak from their perspective.

Talk about racism in your homes
Make it a topic of conversation and speak up when family members are being racist. Show your family the difference between being racist and actively being anti-racist. One conversation at a time.

Educate yourself
There are so many resources out there. Most of the time a simple Google search is all it takes. For films/tv shows, check out @netflix ’s ’Black Stories’ section or @disneyplus ’s ‘Celebrate Black stories’ section. For books, @goodreads has a ‘Black Stories’ and ‘Black Books’ section. Or your local library might have a section specifically by Black authors. For music, @spotify has a lot of original playlists featuring only Black artists.

Diversify your life
Diversify the leaders you learn from.
Diversify who you follow on social media.
Diversify your beauty standards.
(Words by @ohhappydani )

Be actively anti-racist
Use your voice, even if it makes you uncomfortable – you temporarily feeling uncomfortable helps to dismantle systems that have been put in place for years. Speak up and amplify the Black voices around you.