Ways To Support Women


Manage Yourself.

Manage your own biases. Listen to your inner dialogue and push back on yourself when you hear prejudice. Pay attention to what you’re saying (and doing) and ensure you’re reinforcing equity and fairness toward women in all things.

Tune In.

Seek to expand your understanding of women’s challenges, struggles, successes, triumphs and needs. Validate women’s experiences and remind them they’re not alone. Demonstrate compassion by investing time and effort into helping women succeed.

Support women-owned businesses.

Buy the products they sell, recommend their services to those who could use them, or simply tell people in your network that their business exists. Everyone benefits when women succeed in business.

Hire women, train women, mentor women.

If you are in a position to: hire women, train women, and mentor women. Contribute to a future where women can fulfil their potential.

Create environments for women to take up space.

There’s nothing more gratifying than watching women thrive in an environment where they feel able to be themselves and use their voice.

Speak up.

Sparking conversations through social media or in person is an important way to drum up more support. Call others out when they make insensitive or ill-informed comments, and help amplify the voices of women. Advocate for the women around you.

Pave the Way.

Reassess policies to ensure they benefit the diverse workforce. Recommend greater work flexibility for women so they can navigate all the demands in their lives. Work for equal pay, transparency in job opportunities, and cultures of respect and equity. Adopt programs which support women.

Show up for women.

Call, text, check in, listen, and show up for the women in your life. Support the women in your circle every day.

Donate to women’s movements and organisations.

Funding is crucial to achieving the goal of gender equality and women and girls’ rights.

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