Primary Colours

As a black woman, I constantly get told to “wear more colour”. Being a lover of black, white, and grey, this idea did not come easily to me. A few weeks ago, the phrase “you should wear more colour” became more and more frequent to […]


If You Have A Voice, Speak.

As women, we have been silenced since long before I can remember. Female authors were encouraged to publish their work anonymously. Female artists have a harder time getting their work displayed in shows/ exhibitions. Especially black female artists. But I’ll save my thoughts on that […]

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…And I’m not talking about that Taylor Swift album.   Red. All the high street stores seem to be fascinated with this colour lately this season. What’s interesting is that it’s not a maroon or burgundy red, but a BRIGHT red. Like Clifford the Bid […]

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Spring Has Sprung

Along with a new season comes a new inspiration’s post. Remember, spring doesn’t just have to be all about the florals! // Spring Fashion //  For me, Spring so far has been all about the muted colours along with pretty decorative edging   S T […]

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A Spring Outfit

Now that it has snowed in England and it is finally double-digit weather again, spring is slowly but surely approaching. This is an outfit I’ve been wearing so many times it’s actually unreal. What I think gives it that “spring” aspect is not only the […]

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The Women’s March

Unfortunately, I was not able to go to one of the marches but, because of social media, I had the pleasure of watching (and reading) all about it from the little rectangle I carry around with me all day. There are so many encouraging photos […]

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