Oh No, Not Another Angry Black Woman

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Black women are so easily labelled as being ‘angry’.

The ‘angry black woman’ is a misguided entertainment device. I see the ‘angry black woman’ stereotype on the TV. She’s seen shouting, rolling her eyes and just generally being louder than everyone else. Recently, Serena Williams was branded as an ‘angry black woman’ just because she stood up for herself. This phrase forces so many black women to suppress and conceal any form of anger because they fear being labelled ‘angry’. The ‘angry black woman’ stereotype is a tool that keeps black women from speaking up against injustice. It’s a clever way to silence us.

But maybe for this very reason, the world actually needs angry black women? Anger is an emotion all humans feel, and anger can also be righteous. I believe we need women who are angry enough at the way black women are being treated that they’ll do something about it. Women who are willing to overcome this negative phrase by transforming it into something positive. Women who are willing to take back the power and plant seeds that future generations can reap. Women who are hungry for change.

The reason I create my artwork is that I have felt this anger, and my artwork is my personal reaction to it. To clarify, anger shouldn’t manifest in violence. It just requires an understanding of what the situation is, wisdom to know how to tackle it, and a boldness to act knowing that it will come with a cost.



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