Fall(ing) For Autumn


The best season is back. After the heatwaves that had ensued in recent months, I’m ready for colder weather. It’s time for layers, layers, LAYERS because Summer is slowly coming to an end. Autumn officially begins on the 23rd of September (based on the astronomical calendar), but it’s September, the leaves are changing colour, and the days are getting shorter. It’s officially Autumn in my eyes and I’m ready to wear jackets and jumpers again.


OUTFIT – Nascar Budweiser jacket – thrifted £35 Turtleneck jumper – thrifted (unsure of price)   Wide leg trousers – H&M sale £10 Shoes – Primark

This Nascar Budweiser jacket is the latest addition to my wardrobe. I got it from a thrift stall at Reading Festival for £35!! What a steal. I love how it transforms an otherwise boring outfit and makes it look like I actually put effort into getting dressed. Which… I didn’t.



I’ve been working on being comfortable in my own skin. I shouldn’t try to be what other people expect me to be. I shouldn’t strive to impress people because that’s actually impossible. People will always find something about you that they don’t like. I’m not perfect, but I’m loved by a perfect Father. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Christian. I’m learning to realise that it is crucial that I know who God says I am because that’s all that matters. I know that, because of God, I have a purpose, and He fully accepts me the way I am. When you feel confident in who you are on the inside, it will show on the outside.

I’ve always shied away from wearing colours because I didn’t want to bring attention to myself. As a black woman, I sometimes feel like I stand out anyway (a lot of the time, I’m the only black person in the room), but I’ve decided that I want to make the most of that. I want to wear bright colours because it brightens my mood. I want people to see that I’m black and I’m proud to be black. I refuse to hide away. Today, I choose to be confident.


I’m also trying to get into film photography, so if anyone has any point-and-shoot film camera recommendations, let me know in the comments. Thank youuu.


I’ve been listening to “Who You Say I Am” by Hillsong, and the message of the song corresponds to verses in the Bible. These verses are about realising who God says we are. Here are a few:

John 8:36

1 John 3:1

1 Peter 2:9

Romans 8:31




JOHN 15:16

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